Shipping and Delivery

1 - Delivery of goods shall be deemed in any case as effected at PHO’s business premises.

2 - For those products purchased on-line, delivery in Italy or abroad will be entrusted to couriers.

Delivery in Italy is scheduled within 2/3 working days from the date of our order confirmation. Such delivery time is set by the different express couriers used, we are not responsible for any delay.

However, any customs duty and charge should be added to the shipping and delivery costs.

3 - In any case, any shipping cost will be specified in detail to the Customer for each order, before the Order Confirmation has been completed. With regard to shipments involving customs duties, they will be fully charged to the Customer in accordance with the law of the country of destination of the goods.

4 - If the Products are purchased on-line, delivery of goods shall be deemed as effected when entrusted to the carrier for transport; Pholya is therefore deemed to be released by any risk relating to them and cannot be held responsible once the goods have left the business premises.

5 - If the customer so requires, the risk can be covered by transportation insurance at his own expense.

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